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We have all encountered individuals who helped shape the people we are today. One of mine was Quinn Rooney; a close friend and the first person to push me towards approaching an acting role in its entirety, instead of just focusing on the songs. 


When Quinn passed in 2012, his parents started a foundation in his name, and I have been working there ever since. I started as the Technical Director/Designer of the first summer of the Shakespeare Academy, a six-week Shakespeare Intensive for college students on the grounds of the Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford, Connecticut. From there, I assisted in the creation of, and became the Associate Artistic Director and Technical Advisor of, a new play development lab called the New Works Lab at Stratford. In 2016 In The Spotlight, a summer youth musical theatre program, came to live under the foundation’s umbrella, and I happily accepted my new role as Producer.


In the Spotlight was the program where Quinn first pushed me to act, and not just sing, and I consider it an honor to act as its Producer/Technical Director. Each summer I have the opportunity of working with a talented production team, and a just as talented and eager group of teenagers. Sharing my knowledge of acting, singing, and all around theatre making is something that I think is necessary to help keep theatre accessible to all, and helps me personally grow as an artist. Though I am a performer at heart, I wouldn’t trade my summers producing for the world!

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